Why so many men such pathetic couch potato's with no major goals on life?

I'm prophetic and see my future I have business goal.
when ask some of these couch potato's their are to watch a tv show or buy a new game.


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  • Why are almost all of your questions basically you telling everyone how great you think you are, instead of actual questions? You honestly seem super weird, and you're not this super attractive guy that you seem to think you are (according to several of your other "questions"). From what I recall from another question of yours, your "goal" is to become famous - but you're like 30 years old and not there yet. You're sitting here judging other men for lacking goals or ambition, yet your goals are completely unrealistic, pie in the sky fantasies...

    • I'm achieve fame and know nothing about me besides what you can possibly imagine . You don't even know my network or who write article about me.

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    • I can't stand foolish people. if streets smarts that only way you run a business you can't learn it in textbook.

    • besides that Thomas Edison stall his ideas

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  • who are you talking about?

    and to answer your question, a lot of that is how they were brought up and how good their parents were... whether you have a degree or not, 90 percent of what youve learned is from your parents especially how you manage finances...

    i m 31 and own a place and i m continuing my education to make more money.

    i m not sure what your intentions are raising a question at 33 years of age... unless your accomplished yourself, maybe you shouldn't talk like this lol you dont seem very educated

    • I was thought not to be lazy or trashy person who treats others like crap.

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    • every realistic goal should have a time limit and a number to measure progress.

    • their are no time limits success come unexpected.

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  • You're too funny!

    • I know how to reach my goals and know how foolish my peers are but make fun of me so it service them right.

    • Few people in this world have the capability to be like you.

    • to be like me you most read heavy books :) but I have dyslexia so that explains any problems I have.

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