Does it mean he's interested?

If a guy, who you've slept with (one time) a few months back:
1. keeps looking in your direction
2. says things like "I've only had sex with you and my ex-gf"
3. touches you're leg all of a sudden when saying something to you (sat next to each other)
4. makes fun of your weird quirks (mine being my weird impulsive-cleaning-habit when at other peoples houses and the fact that I - in his opinion - can't get mad)
5. always talks about how he's gonna stop drinking and start dieting and training again (he's gained some weight since we were together, he used to be quite fit)
6. generally teases you
7. likes to 'show off' (or at least mention) how good friends / close he is with/to mutual friends
could it then mean he might be interested?


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  • I"d say yes at like 85% probability


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