Should I let this one go?

Pain, drama, tears... all of it, and the funniest part is I barely even know him.

He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now what I don't get, is I know why I have an attachment towards him, but don't fully understand why he seems to want to talk to me.

I'm confused whether he's a player, or he's a real person.

Either way, I don't know whether he's worth it.


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  • This isn't much information to go on...

    Sounds like there needs to be more communication here. You sound like you're filling in a lot of blanks.


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  • Communicate with him, not deeply, but connect with him.

    Ask questions, perhaps about what he is doing or where he is going or maybe something as simple as asking how long he has been drinking whatever beverage he has in his hand.

    Once you have made an effort in knowing about him, then you can easily decide if he is worth it.


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  • If it's this much of a problem for you, let him go.

    • I feel lonely right now, I'm scared that if I 'let him go,' I'll feel empty inside

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    • I guess I have no one right now, a crush can be a 'highlight,' you know what I mean?

    • Not really, but sort of

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