Were these good signs that he feels strongly about me?

Okay one sign is more reasonable and the other... well you're probably gonna be like WTF.

My bf and I went on a trip and we fought about how much do I mean to him. Is he using me? He felt bad that I accused him of using me and he started crying. For a guy to cry is big but for a really strong, emotionless, stubborn guy to cry is bigger and that's how he is. So when I saw him tear up, everything flipped. I felt bad and like okay he does have strong feelings for me.

The other sign was him eating me out. Yes i know weird but here's the thing. He doesn't eat out unless he's in the "moment" like he said. And he knows I love getting eaten out but he would never do it. So that same night, after crying, he went to the bathroom for a break and I went to check up on him. He pulls down my pants and starts. I was blown away. I don't know if he did it to prove to me "look I'll do this to prove it you." I remember the last time he did that he said "wait Imma do what you like first..." So it's like a type of "reward"

So these signs made me think twice about how he feels about me. We're not so official cause of other priorities, but we do try to make it work especially long-distance.


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  • Him being open enough to cry around you, AND his willingness to be more of a "sexual giver", are tell tale signs that he feels strongly about you. :)


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