Why hasn't he told me about having a girlfriend yet?

I've been talking to (and crushing on) this guy that I sit next to in one of my classes at school for the last 2 months. We talk everyday, we study outside of class together, we talk during class nonstop, we text, etc. So basically we've gotten pretty close.

He's a really funny and nice guy, and I like him a lot. My friends know I'm into him and they think that he likes me based on his actions... but...

We aren't friends on Facebook, so last week I did the "bad" thing and stalked his Facebook account. His account has pictures of him and his long time girlfriend that he hasn't told me anything about. Apparently they've been together for over a year.

My confusion is coming from the fact that we have talked for at least an hour every single day, we've texted and hung out, and he still hasn't mentioned her at all. He even told me that he only texts like 2 people, and he said those 2 people were his "mom" and "a friend"... so he lied right?

Please try to explain to me why he wouldn't tell me... he even flirts with me?


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  • It can mean 2 things. he's a cheater n he wants you to be a side chic. Or he is a cheater n want to have you on the side to decide if he wants u as he's new girlfriend.

    • Yeah I thought about this. He's a really decent guy, well at least I thought he was, so I don't think he's the side chick kind of guy. I figured that either he wants to be with me... or he just never thought to tell me because he's not into me at all... I'm so annoyed by this whole situation. But thank you for your input (:

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