What is your response to maturity shaming? OR What responses do you get when you shame us?

These days, young women in the Western world often shame men for not being "mature". They're basically asking us to have a female or female-approved way of looking at things. "Men never grow up" is common for western women to say these days.

It's just another manipulative, female attack that shouldn't be given attention... just another anti-male shaming tactic... but I still can't help but reply to the "nice" women who talk about other people (mostly their EX or people they reject)

My response - The male and female brains are very different. It's not just our experience but also a scientifically proven fact now. Comparing men and women's perspectives and attitudes is apples and oranges. The male brain does not mature to become like a female's.

Usually they are taken aback by this like I just popped their bubble of hope

Women do 99% of the maturity shaming... just thought I'd add this


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  • What responses do you get when you shame us?
    "Oh I get your point now"

    I generally use the maturity-shaming as a go-to for guys to grasp a plethora of anti-female shaming tactics but mainly: mansplaining, slut-shaming, or the flaw in shaming gals for using the word creepy.

    • "Oh I get your point now"

      as in "Oh you're right" or "Oh okay. Change the topic"?

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    • Wow sound like a great manipulator... and shaming tactics must be your most trusty friend! Women have it much better in every possible way except physically, but it's nice to see that you can blind men to this truth.

      Thanks for your response!

    • LMFAO the guys were blind before. They see clearly now.

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  • hahah that's BS.

    i've seen tons of guys who are mature even much younger than my age. but honestly i don't consinder myself a mature person.

    of course not all guys are like me

    • It is scientific fact that the male brain fully matures later than the female brain. It is also scientific fact that men have vastly different brain structures. The maturity of a male brain at 19 cannot be compared to the maturity of the female brain at the same age for this reason.

      If anyone can maturity shame a man with authority, it is a man, not a woman.

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  • but you are basically saying being mature is a female only attribute which isn't true, men and women can be mature or immature and its hardly shaming if someone is acting immature and someone tells them to grow up. this is just ranting for the sake of ranting about a non problem

    • lolwut? No. Read again.

      It becomes a problem when these attitudes based on myth pervade into society. When all knowing women roll their eyes and shake their heads in pity not just in real life but also in the media.

    • And when women start doing it on a large scale. In non-western countries this doesn't happen at all. Men are still allowed to be themselves.

    • no you're saying that men and womens brains are different when a woman tells a man to grow up and that we are trying to goad you into a female approved way of thinking (aka acting mature) therefore what you are saying is maturity is a female concept not a males which is wrong.

      males are mature, therefore this isn't a gender issue and you are trying to make it into one.

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