Why am I different from most men?

It just seems that I am different from most men for several reasons.

1. Sports. Most males love talking about sports and their favorite teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc. Me, I hate sports (except martial arts and boxing) due to being bullied by jocks and not finding running around with a ball amusing. I only like combat and I am a black belt in taekwondo.

2. Humor. I have notice a lot of males have a sense of humor and I do not. I am a very serious person and I sometimes come off as quiet and antisocial. I can be quite friendly, it is just that I prefer not to speak to most people unless they display intelligence or have done something to earn my trust.

3. Egos. Most men have an ego. I do not. I am not someone who likes to blow my horn and announce to the world that he is great. I just take my accomplishments and archive them without bragging.

4. Flaunting. Most men like to flaunt possessions such as cars, motorcycles, guns, etc. I do not. I believe that those are nothing more than financial liabilities and prefer to keep such possessions down to a minimum.

5. Outdoors. A good number of men are outdoorsmen, but not me. I am someone who prefers to be indoors, surrounded by technology, as I am severely agoraphobic.

What do you think? Why am I different from most men?


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  • There are a lot of men like you, so I wouldn't say that you're not like most men. Some people are introverts, some are extroverts; some people like sports; some prefer to read or play games. There is no exact explanation for this... maybe it's genetics or how you're raised, or both. No matter who you are, you're still a man, so be a proud man and keep enjoying the things you're passionate about.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Many Asian-American Men are anti-social if they have no Asian friends and no white friends and live in a predominately white community. If you are happy being an anti-social virgin, then don't change. If you want to find friends and talk to women, then start participating in community events and activities.


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  • Bruh.. Sounds like a beta to to me.. It's cool its cool. You're the introvert type, many are the same as you but not me. I'm an Alpha male. Pack leader alpha type that leads the chicks to paradise.

  • you are not one with the masses, cool with me. fuck manhood. fuck society.


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