Y r guys and girls different online than in person... is it me :( ?

Ok I recently went back to school ( I'm 15 the things wrong ) but before that so I wouldn't be lonely or bored I would download and join social websites kinda like this one and I would never send a message to anyone because people would always message me first. I'm the type of girl that responds to confidence u make the first move and you've got urself a friend. For some reason people ( guys and girls alike ) would hmu by just seeing my pic. But I go to school and no one talks too me. Don't get me wrong I like the space but come on I'm still a teenager. What's ur opinion on this. Hmu :) ...


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  • It's infinitely easier to speak your mind online than in person. You don't feel being judged for what you say and think if you express it online as opposed to in person.

    • I know and agree to that its just y don't guys ( because there r really confident guys out there ) talk to me the way guys online would its confusing
      The only guys that acctualy talked and flirted with me were guys who were already in college
      Is it a highschool thing?

    • Again, guys fear what others think of them, from the person they're trying to flirt with to people surrounding them in public places.

      You need to make it known that it's alright for him to speak his mind, such as by honestly expressing what's on yours.

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