A guy curious about what im doing tonight?

Why did he ask this? This was all of a sudden and it seemed as if he wanted to ask me out.


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  • Try giving him an answer and checking out his response.

    • i said i was busy, gave my reason, and he said "oh, ok" so it was nothing much. It just sucks he didn't ask again *he asked this some time ago

    • Ah I see.

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  • ummm... respond and see what he says instead of figuring it out on GAG

    • lol this was a few days ago. I think i said it wrong. I was just asking why a guy would ask that.

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    • heck yea! And the reason why i asked this was because he shows signs that he likes me, asked me this question, and many more. But i still need to get his # which is hard.

    • You should ask him what he's doing one night and if he's free, ask him to coffee. No harm in asking him too. He may feel like you're not interested because of your answer last time. Put yourself out there! Then, if he says yes to coffee, ask for his number so u can text him when ur at the coffee place (or wherever u meet)

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  • Your existing your time by being on gag respond to him before he gets iffy and thinks you don't care and stops talking to you

    Just tell him if your doing something or not and see what happens


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