If you were a 'problem,' girl, why would a guy still somewhat talk to you?

Because he feels bad for you, or because he is concerned as w friend


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  • I LOVE "problem": girls! The ones that just don't fit in, the goths, punks, artists, dreamers, dancers, people who are themselves! They are the ones with the interesting outlook on life, the ones who have a story worth hearing, the ones you want to hang with, and go traipsing through the cemetery! Have you ever heard of the term "OPP" as in "O"ther "P"eoples "P"roblem? Not my issues, not hers, theirs. It brings a smile to my face.

  • Yes he could be caring for as a friend and trying to ease your feelings because he would to date you

    • It's really funny how he's only concerned when I look good.

      When I look bad he barely even notices me I was crying one time and he was still being rude

    • I guess not directly but he was being rude through body language, (he may have not known I was crying but I highly doubt it)

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