Would it hurt a guys ego if you deleted him, off of Facebook and your life?

What the q says lol I can't believe a guy can be so lame


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  • Every thing comes and goes, it hurts and goes away and then everything is fine. If this girl was important, then yes, ego got beaten.
    Are you planing how to dump the guy you broke up or not interested?

    • He's not my boyfriend, just a crush, but I no longer like him

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    • How do you know when it is not realistic?

    • Think of the vulnerable girl, popular guy love story kind of situation.

      I guess I'm scared he might pity me more than like me, or feel that whatever happened in my life, (nothing huge, but just lots of crappy stuff lol), is not his responsibility or fault.

      Plus, he's intelligent, and already has someone who is more like him than I am. He'd likely choose her, (I wouldn't be surprised if he already has).

  • It depends on certain factors.
    For me, I wouldn't pay too much attention to it unless you're my GF or a close friends.


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