Is it significant?

I reconnected with my old hook up. Back in the day he treated me poorly. He would never allow me to kiss him, which now I know is because he had baby mama drama, he was confused and we also had feelings for each other. He didn't want me to get attached though and was afraid of same issues like his ex Being crazy. Now that it's been years... he is willing to kiss me and actually 'give' without asking. Is this just nothing at all? I'm not looking to be his wife bc I know it wouldn't work out in the long run. Just curious if it's a sign he's got feelings for me now or just maturity...


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  • Let's hope you don't entertain the idea of getting tangled up with this bag of hot mess

    • You could say I'm glutten' for punishment. I know it's probably a mistake hooking up with him. Was just looking for some fun for a little while. I'm getting a divorce from a man I never loved and sex was the last thing on my mind. And sex with this guy is amazing.

    • Be prepared for drama and more heartache then

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