Need help with a guy from work?

I have this weird thing going with a colleague. We like each other, but he is hot and cold. Not at work. At work he is always flirtatious. But outside of work, he is almost needy and then evasive. Like he will text me for hours on end one day, and then take hours to respond the next. If I am away from work, like at a meeting or home sick, he will text or email several times. Anyways, I'm tired ofthe hot and cold. I actually have two questions 1) why is he acting this way? 2) how can I pull back when I work with him each day?


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  • Don't dip your pen in company ink.
    next thing you know your texts will be going around ( or not)

  • You should get really sad.

    • You're helpful.

    • Am I wrong?

      Should you get really... Anxious?

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