Guys!! Why do you run your fingers through your hair? Why do you do this?

I've noticed my ex is fidgety around me, like yesterday he was behind me in line, & he like started acting weird... Like he couldn't stand still or he'll run his fingers through his hair? & then I noticed one of his friends (Israel) won't stop staring at me in class (he doesn't know about me & my ex) & he would just straight out stare at me without looking away since last year, then another friend of his (Antonio) i've also noticed he stares at me (but I can't be sure, because I don't really pay attention to him) but you know that feeling where you 'feel' like you're being stared at? Yeah. Like that, & I noticed antonio runs his fingers through his hair a lot,
P. S i've also noticed at lunch that my ex & his friends will look back at me, it's happened a couple of times; israel & antonio sit at his table too-
Just curious why they do this? I mean, do guys usually do this?


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  • I do it cause I usually don't put products in my hair soo my hair sometimes droops over to the side.

    • Haha that could work too, haha thanks for your opinion! :)

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  • They prolly kind of like ya. Or they might be talking about you

    • Thanks for the advice! & I'm really not sure if my ex does talk about me, & does that mean he's not over me yet?

  • because swag


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