Why would a guy make you jealous on purpose and then see your resction?

He made me jealous on purpose and wanted to see my reaction by throwing a soft ball towards my head after he spoke about the girl, he tried to annoy me. He was messing around with the ball.


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  • Because he likes you and is too immature to just mack on you

    • your right he is immature and he's 20 years old

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    • No there's no point by using fire against fire.

      If anything it'll make situations worse and would end up with both of you 2 hating each other because in each of your minds to each other are 'assholes'

      Just ignore him and continue on with your life.

      If you like him, and he acts maturely and macks on you like a real man, then give him a chance.

      If not, then just shut him out of your life lol

    • I agree with you, thankyou i guess he does like me but can't man up

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