Is there a nice way to tell a guy he talks too much?

I don't know if he's nervous or just a big talker but he never stops talking. Rambling on and on about the most random boring stuff. Doesn't want to hear any of my opinions just wants to talk at me for about 2 hours on the phone. On and on and on. 0.0 . I feel like the guy in this situation cuz I like him but I just wanna be like "who the fuck cares?, stfu please" but I'm really nice so I'll eventually end up just putting him on speaker go about my business and mutter the occasional "uh huh" "yup". Is there a polite way to ask someone to stop talking so much?


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  • u can just ask him dat u ll do all the talking today, nd he can sit back nd listen to ur beautiful voice_idk be like, hey i was thinking u alwasy ahve so much to tell me and i dont, so i want u to give me a chance so u be quieter today nd leme do the talking. sumthing like dat maybe.

    or u can jus tel him dat hey i wana tel u something but promise u won't mind..
    nd then tell him dat ' sometimes i feel i dun get to share much coz u speak all the time. something like.
    this is dificult. lol

    • thanks for the MHO, I hope something worked out.

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  • I'm quite similar to this guy you mention, and I have nicknames such as 'chatterbox', 'motormouth' etc. Only difference is, I usually talk only interesting stuff. But still, there have bene times when some peeople ahve told me I talk way too much.

    And I sdon't suppose there's a 'nice' way of telling that!

  • He's gay. Ask him what his boyfriend thinks about whatever he is yammering on about.


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  • I've been in this situ too. It gets really annoying after a while.

    I would just say to your friend that you don't have a lot of time to talk today. Listen for about 20 minutes and then say, "Hey, can we speak another time? I got stuff to do." Be firm but nice about it. You will have to repeat the procedure a few times but eventually, and I repeat, eventually, he will get the message.

    Telling him that he talks too much could possibly turn him away as it did with my friend, but, that was my experience.

    You also have to consider that even though you like this person, they don't actually listen to you. Therefore, you need to be firmer in putting your opinions across otherwise you're just gonna end up listening all the time. That's not conversation. What does he know about you from what you say to him?


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