He says he wants to be friends with benefits but he calls/texts me every single day?

So this guy says he's never had casual sex before but he wants to try it, it intrigues him or something. I like him he's nice. He says he wants a friends with benefits situation not just a one night stand. Cool. (I've done friends with benefits for an extended period before no problem) but he calls and texts me every single day. Gets weird if I don't respond right away, and is kind of clingy. And says weird things like "I really like you" "I love how open you are" and... I've never needed to give a friend with benefits this much attention before. We haven't actually had sex yet. And I'm kind of hesitating because he seems to want more even though he says differently and I don't want to hurt his feelings... because I'm going into it as strictly friends, and plan to keep dating. Do you think I'm over reacting being concerned? Do you think he's looking for something more and I should just move on now before he gets too attached?


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  • if he calls/texts everyday then obviously he's seeing you as sth more :-)


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