Is he just playing or does he want more?

We have been friends for a few months now. And a few weeks ago there was a little bit of awkwardness between us. Now all of a sudden he flirts and makes a few sexual comments that I try to ignore as far as possible cause he wants me to make a comment.
I am not oblivios to the things but he gets me to blush and laugh at the same time.
I have weird feeling towards this that I can't explain.
I am afraid that I am seeing or feeling things that are not there so please help Is he interested or what?


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  • this situation is too difficult to judge.. u are the best judge in this case to judge the feelings... may be he is doing that in influence of his friends

    • He does it even when it is just me and him

    • its not necessary to do in front of all if he is aiming to some goal... but u can never take everything in wrong way.. clearly tell him u not like the way he comments on u and if he continue than something is wrong

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