Do you believe in hall passes?

I been thinking to have sex with another women. my wife dosent give no attention at all. She gave me a hall pass but if I give her one too. Don't k. ow what to do


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  • Honestly... its ur call. I have someone on the side but husband doesn't know. U have to trust the other chic u have sex with. Dont want it to turn bad and she gets all crazy on u and ur life.


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  • A hall pass? Are you still in high school? If you don't want to be with your wife bc she's not giving it up then the relationship isn't going much further. If you two have come to the mutual agreement of an open relationship, good luck with that... then go on your merry way and have fun, screw around. Doubt that's the case though.

    • I agree! Why are you not getting any? You need to talk to her. Sex is apart of a normal, happy, and loving relationship. It is an expression of your love for one another. If she is not keen to make love to you, than maybe you need to consider seperation.

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  • simple answer... no, work on your own relationship

  • gosh how old are you and you have a wife already?

  • Take the hall pass. Go to a hall.


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