Chosing laziness and video games? Guys, I need help?

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed at my boyfriend. He did buy me a birthday gift but since he ordered online, it didn't arrive in time. He said he felt bad because he felt like he did nothing for my birthday. He said he will do this and that to make it up and at the end, he chose to be lazy and video games.

It was my birthday last weekend, and he had to work both days so he couldn't make it to the birthday party that my family planned. Which I think it's understandible. He did call me right at 12AM and wished me a happy birthday.

He was off for 2 days this week and was planning to cook me a nice dinner. However, he ended up just sitting on the couch and playing video games for the entire 2 days. He didn't even clean or nothing. He said he was planning to go grocery shopping but he ended up didn't go because the weather was bad.

I'm disappointed because he said himself that he will do this and that however, ended up just making instant microwave food. I was upset that he made little effort to make up my birthday. He said he will plan something on the weekend to make it up but, i was the one who planned it. I know he loves me but then he's just being back to himself at the end of the day being lazy and sitting on the couch playing video games. We live together and his laziness makes me frustrated. What can I do?


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  • Ah video games, has he just recently had a life change such as graduated from college or changed jobs? Sounds like he used to have a lot more free time which he spent playing video games, and recently has had to cut back drastically.

    You are right he most likely does love you deeply, and is just going through some kind of lifestyle adjustment. Talk to him about it try to set aside time for video games and time for romance/chores.

    This is the important part, GO SLOW! If you try to cut his video game time back too quickly he will resist exponentially greater. For instance if he frequently has two days off, start with one date night every other week.

    Also, tell him to feel free to talk to you when the games are pissing him off (it happens to everyone), he may call or tell you about how much the game is pissing him off and you probably won't understand any of it the point of this is to get him to CONFIDE in you. To see that he can he can have a good time with a human being outside the game.

    He will most likely always LOVE to play video games, but the more he confides and has an awesome time with you away from the games the less he will want to play them and the more he will LOVE you!


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  • well i think him not doing the 12AM birthday wish is understandable as well, sure its like a super cute thing to do but cmon lol.

    however the video games thing on your birthday was a lame thing to do, and even continued.

    to fix a man's laziness? jeez that is a tough one... you gotta make him see his own faults in himself and get him to realize he's fucking it up for everyone and everything around him.

  • Talk to him about it. Give him weekly chores if you have to. Let him know you can't put up with his laziness. Tell him to shape up or ship out.


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