Who's most Likely to get friendzone? And why?

Guy that has a crush on a girl
Girl who has a crush on a guy.
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  • Guys most of the time, but if the girl us ugly than she likely will be. I know from experience. I've been friendzoned, although I didn't stay in it. I just move on from the guy. However, usually I get let down with some variation of: "I'm not physically attracted to you, but you're a nice girl and we can be friends." However, unlike guys I don't stick around to be their 'friend.' I just move on. I've been sister zoned too. A guy I really liked called me his soul sister.


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  • I dont think any such thing, " i see you as a friend" type thing girls say is just a way of letting you know gently they not interested

  • I'm the only one who voted B so far !!

  • From my experience in general guys get friendzoned and most of these guys (who got friendzoned) and a few other guys too end up fuckzoning girls as their way of getting revenge.. It all depends on how he got friendzoned, his background and so on


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