Why are ex convicts and criminals always proud of what they have done?

why is every criminal or prison inmate i met always, says their criminal history like it's some sort of street cred or something.
i've heard of idiots that been to prison and big themselves up when coming out and reoffend to go back in again, then get released.


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  • They have nothing else to show for their lives, it's been wasted away in jail/prison.
    They have spent so much time doing what they do that their reality and self esteem has been distorted to the point that they brag about their criminal history.

    • I once got terrorised and bullied by this guy who was like that, he told me he has nothing to live for and does not give a toss about going back to prison.
      he's been in and out like a rabbit, and furthermore i think a lot of these reoffending criminals are just either retarded or just bored.

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  • Because they are idiots and other idiots look up to these idiots for being idiots.


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  • I've never heard of this before. i really only personally knew one guys who went to prison and he really regretted it

  • How many criminals and prison inmates have you met? How do you meet them? o. O

    • I lived with them for a bit, in a halfway house cuz when i was looking for a place to live.
      so far, every single one of them has this silly prison idiot mentality, we're they say if you ain't been prison , your not cool and not a g.
      it's pathetic in my opinion, as a lot of these idiots go on to reoffend then get locked up for silly minor things such as assault and robbery

    • then go on , like they just robbed a bank. when they only robbed a silly phone for weed money

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  • They aren't. You watch too much TruTV you idiot.


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