Is this a good example of a badboy, is this right?

you know because of fifty shades of grey, this got me thinking.

would you say this is a badboy for girls type.

i used to live in this shared housing with ex cons and prison inmates, and there was this one guy who lived there he used to treat his girlfriend like a dog, he made her have sex with most of the male residents that she barely even knew.
then i heard one night, thumping and he beat his girlfriend literally to the floor so hard , i could hear it above me. it was like her face was engraved into the ground.
and all i heard then was really bad crying, like painful crying. but he didn't stop he punched her a few times in the torso and face, when i saw her the next morning she had bruises and a broken nose.

what kind of monster does this? i know badboys attract girls but this guy was a psychopath, the worst thing about she made up with him the following morning and left with him, despite then fleeing off with him the evade the police.


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  • That's not a bad boy, that's a monster. He's psychotic, and dangerous.

    • apparently it's common among guys like him to do this, he came from prison and has little respect for women.
      i empathize with the girl, but srs she must be fucked up too to still be with a maniac like that

  • i'd call him an asshole


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