What causes a guy to cheat?

I know there's a lot of reasons a guy can cheat on a girl, just like girls got there own reasons too. But it's usually the guys that cheat more in my option. The first thing that comes to my head is he/she cheated because of sex , yeah it's not always that but I really would like to get several answers from guys, also from girls that have experience getting cheat on or actually cheated on their bf/gf.


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  • Insecurity... If we are in a committed relationship eventually things get to the point where things are routine. Then it hits a point where you wonder if you really want the relationship. We way out all the options and then start to wonder if we can even get another woman. Flirting is all fun and good but we want to know if the"game" is still there. Then in that insecurity they cheat... hoping to get away with it/ realizing it was a mistake. The real problem arises after that, if we don't get caught we come up with reasons not to feel bad about it and make ourselves believe it was your fault then end up cheating even more because we've desensitized ourselves to the guilt. I cheated multiple times when I was in high school and into college and i know people say once a cheater always a cheater... but I'll never do it again. The real trick is to never allow yourself to get in those situations to cheat. But as Karma would have it I've been cheated on multiple times and being a former cheater I saw the signs but thought i was making something out of an issue that wasn't there. Watch for the signs and go by your gut if you're pretty positive he's cheating just end it.

    • Wow thanks for that clear answer i really feel the same way

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  • I'm a firm believer that people cheat out of boredom. They're too used to what they have, and instead of communicating with their partner about it they choose to let their frustrations out by cheating. Be it emotionally or physically.

    Like cabin fever, in a way. They feel cooped up. They're too weak to maintain a healthy, long relationship.


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  • The majority of infidelity issues are caused by ones partner feeling like their needs aren't being met. Whether they be mental, emotional, or physical.

  • Ah don't listen to other guys sweets... Most guys cheat for sex. Most guys keep thinking about women and sex and men are hardwired for that. Sex is something that men want to have with many women if he CAN. It's like an achievement.

    If he is in truly love with woman and if he does get woman of his dreams.. he doesn't cheat. Period.

  • Honestly, there's no real science when it comes to cheating. Women make up all kinds of excuses to justify cheating (guy not paying attention, felt lonely at the time, was a very unusual impulse, guy convinced her, guy made her do so with gun in the head and all, etc).

    If a guy cheats is no different than why a girl cheats. People cheat because they felt an insane attraction towards the other person and don't love their partners enough to stop the impulse. Mystery solved.

  • we are keeping a score of how manny women we hookup with. It just seems easier to hook up with girls when we are taken.

    • Many* not Manny

    • I got kind of confused shouldn't it be the other way around, being single it's more easier to hook up with who ever you want?

    • no. I don't know Why but it just is.

  • Im my opinion girls cheat on guys a lot more than guys on girls. Guys would prob cheat on a girl because they are unhappy with them whether its because she is mean and controlling about everything or not interesting to them. The fact that they cheat instead of just end it is most likely because they are scared to do so the immediately get together with someone else and face the person they left or they are just jerks.

    • Why you think girls cheat more?

    • because girls often think oh its not a big deal or think they are sly and can get away with it. most do which is why its not public but if you ask around you will hear about people cheating on their partners and not getting caught mostly from girls and not guys

    • Yeah it can go the way around with guys not only girls but I don't think girls can just get away with it just like that most likely the guy going to dump her ass lol or stay with her and do the same thing on the low or who knows but yeah I agree

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