Guys who do you like? The girl you look at intensely or the one you are always smiling with?

Intensely as in the whole world stops and it's just the two of you.

Smiling with as in always flirting with, staring at smilingly, or having fun with, posting pictures of stuff like that


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  • id say the one you are always smiling with even tho you think it would be the other one. the one you are smiling with clearly would have great relations in what you guys do and would would be a great life partner

    • No I think it would be the one you are smiling with, that's the problem lol

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  • i'll go with the one where the whole world stops since she can slow down time and that's really awesome. I can tell her to stop time, then when everything is still, i'll go up to a person i don't like, punch them in the face really hard, run away then tell her to unfreeze time. this way the cops will never find me.

    • Enough with the sarcasm you've proven your point -_-

    • but would't it be cool if time slow down tho?

  • I've found that it's usually the same girl that makes me feel those ways.

    • What if you are never smiling around the one you look at intensely, and are more concerned than anything else

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