He's not text me in like 4 days - time to move on?

We went from texting loads of times each day to him suddenly not texting me since the weekend. I don't really know what happened. Should I text him or just take yo obvious hint? I'm actually very pissed off!


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  • Ok first do you know anything anout his schedule? There could be a work related thing he has to deal with or a life issue that's taking up his time, like a death in the family or such. Could you get into contact with someone who knows him and find out.

    • I know that he's in the middle of important exams. But like couldnt he just send a quick text?

    • Honestly? It would just be better to leave him be for right now and let him study and hopefully pass his classes. If you bother him and he fails or doesn't pass his class with the grade he wanted he could blame you for it. Text him after you know he is done with his exams or maybe send a good luck text.

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  • If he was texting you first all the time, you could try texting him first and see what happens. He might have gotten frustrated with having to be the first to text all the time.


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  • call him out make him a bitch.


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  • I'd text him a "Hey, how's it going? :)" first and give him a day to respond. If he doesn't then try talking to him first to see what's going on. Don't make assumptions yet though.


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