If a guy thinks you are interested in him, why would he wish you on your birthday?

Either I'm so pathetic that he feels sorry for me, (which is highly likely), or?

I thought he didn't like me so was confused as yo why he woukd do that, but I think he feels sorry for me
Why woukd any person on their right mind encourage a crush?
Am I pathetic for reading too much into it?


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  • he was just being nice i guess.

    a "happy birthday" isn't a big deal after all

    • I was whining how I'd be unhappy on it so he may have overheard.

      Yeah I know it's not a big deal. I wish he hasn't done that though, it was not the smartest move knowing I may have a crush on him

    • For a girl, the guy you like wishing you is like... a lot. I mean it probably isn't the other way around but girls like when boys remember things about them

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