Am I friendzoned or im on the right track? Is he intrested?

Im 17 and i get along very well with my cousin who's the same age. Reacently i met one of his friends who is also friends with my best friend. He's really cute and super funny!! He invited me to his party on Saturday along with my best friend and my cousin and he had just resently broken up with his gf. we got drunk and at some point my friend made us hold hands while we were talking. The nes morning he txted me asking if i was alright cuz i had been a little sick at his party (i know im imbaressed too) That day he came to the movies with me, my cousin, my best friend and my friend. We went out for supper and then to the movies. I sat next to him during the movie and our arms would touch along with our legs. Neither one of us would move away. At some point as a joke we had all put our legs on top of each other to mess with my cousin an when i took my legs of his he sayed he didn't mind if i would leave them there. He super opened with everyone tho and he could have had feelings for some other girl but says he just wants to stay friends with her. During the hole weekend we talked a lot and he disnt seem to have a problem with psysical contact. So does he like me or have i been friendzoned? Help


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  • I don't think you got friend zone. Now whether or not he like you is still not completely certain.

    At least you guys broke the touch barrier and are both comfortable with physical contact. Just keep hanging out with him and try to gauge his interest level for now. If he interested in you, he will let you know soon enough.


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