Why do men think women like to be treated badly? There are so many guys on this app. who actually have to ask if girls dislike nice guys. Why?

Unless a girl is strange or in an abusive relationship and has no self esteem left, I would venture to go out on a limb and say YES guys... girls really DO like nice guys... Come on now.


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  • Jerks do much better than nice but anxious guys.

    Also a lot of behaviors that are normal are categorized as 'bad' to boys growing up so their 'jerk versus nice' assessments are skewed.

    Most women do prefer men who are confident, comfortable with their sexuality and also nice. But we don't actually raise boys to be like that.

    And a surprising number of women do seek out abusive behaviors they grew up with but I don't believe that's most.


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  • I think it is your aduaiance. I am a nice guy... I treat women with respect and not like some cum dumpsters... actually it really pisses me off guys treat women like that at all.

    Girls seam to like jerks... women seam like nice guys!

  • Men don't think that at all? We think that women don't like to get treated badly, but then go for those guys anyway, then complain about the lack of nice men to nice guys! We just don't get ThAT.

    • Maybe I'm different then, I don't know.

    • You can be different, it's just all sweeping generalisations. But nice guys are far more unsuccessful than the not-so-nice guys.

  • i never thought girls liked to be treated badly but they do like the adventure of being with a bad boy, i think some people get this confused,

    age has a factor, most of the time the females who say they are looking for the nice guy are the ones that are at an age where they have had their time with the bad boy and are now looking to settle down. this is understandable, why would you not want adventure and to enjoy life while you are young, the problem is that a lot of females don't realise that the nice guys like to live a fun life too, just because they are nice doesn't meant they lack adventure

  • Women think they want a nice guy but every cell in their body wants to fucked by the dashing bad boy. The pussy wants the bad boy, the heart wants the nice guy. At the end, you can't fight mother nature. We like ass and tits, the pussy likes the bad boy dick.

    • Ha ha ha! Funny but I disagree. All of me wants the goodness someone has to offer, yes even my vajayjay. ;)

  • You should ask yourself why so many guys think that. It's not without reason. I will say from experience that there is just no denying the fact that a lot of women are drawn to men who treat them badly. Come on now.

    • I get what you're saying but at the same time it's unfair to the girls who are good people and want to be with a legitimately nice guy who treats them well. I myself have given up on ever finding one...#1 It's too much work and #2 I feel that at my age it's not worth the trouble. Nice guys are few and far between, in my opinion.

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    • I hope you find a good guy. Don't give up.

    • I stopped looking but thank you. :)

  • Because women are like cats, IF YOU treat them badly/ignore them THEY'LL COME running to you, begging for attention.

    Treat them good and they'll use you for what you're worth, ignore/run from YOU, until they need something again LOLOL

    Girls say that they want a nice guy right, well 1 will be right in front of their faces and gets looked over for the bad guy more times than not. SO if the/a good guy is getting no play, he's going to say HEY WHY NOT BECOME A JERK and get the girls


    • I respectfully disagree. Good girls always get the short end of the stick when guys get jaded by " bad" girls. It's a shame.

    • Because bad girls aren't scared to do this or that ALSO they're more "YES GIRLS/OPEN MINDED" than a good broing girl lol

    • Okay, you're entitled to your opinion.

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  • I agree i see several questions a day asking Why do girls go for the "bad boys"?", *sigh* guys try too hard... lol and it's why we aren't interested in most guys because of how overly hard they try, i mean don't they have anything better to do than think about girls? lol, they complicate things in their own head lol plus they listen too much to other people, guys seriously take dating tips from their friends or just other guys in general and believe it :\ lo.

    What makes them actually think that 99% of guys aren't lying to them? because i gurantee they are... guys are as bad as girls are with other girls... they will lie to make you think negatively to stop you from finding a nice girl... but then most guys only think about sex all the time... lol. I think "nice guys" aren't actually as white as they make themselves look ether because they say they are "nice" next min they are start comparing themselves to other guys feeling insecure, getting extremely jealous, possesive and go mental at you just for saying no... :\ ha! nice my ass, that's not nice. So i think nice guys need to stop acting so "perfect" for a start...


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