So I was wondering if it would be weird to kiss my crush in the cheek? And how do guys react to this kiss on the cheek?

My crush used to like me and I still like him so he already knows how I feel. And I want to have a talk with him tomorrow about my feelings, and if it goes well I want to kiss him on the cheek... I know I know kinda weak of me but its the truth... And I'm planning on doing it but I need a guys advice. Would it be weird or not if I kiss him on the cheek... If the talk goes good. And by the way I'm not expecting him to tell me he still likes me but even if he doesn't but the talk goes well would it be weird to kiss him on the cheek? Answer please boys?
  • yes, even if he doesn't admit to liking still but the talk goes well. kiss him on the cheek
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  • no, it will just blow up in your face, and it wilk make your situation even worse. don't do it
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And boys please comment how you will react to the kiss on the cheek?


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  • A kiss on the cheek is like a little tiny present to him which is like amazing so :P


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  • No I don't think it's weird but I can't talk for every guy

  • It would make my day. It is not weird at all.


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