Am I wrong to expect my guy to ejaculate when I perform oral on him?

It's a new relationship and I hardly go down on him because he never gets off.

Tonight he said to me "I wish I could get off" but wasn't about to stop me.

So... When do I stop? I get tired! Not my jaw but kneeling over him, my arms, my legs... I just giggle and say something about myself like I feel I look weird, anything, just to talk and then stop.

We actually haven't had intercourse yet. So... Is that going to never end too?

I feel the oral is something to lead into sex in this case. Just wondering about this... Then I worry im being hasty. But I was down on him for like 10 minutes... And HE is the one who said he wishes he could get off.


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  • I mean, in the swing of things, ten minutes isn't that long. It would probably take me longer than that too. A lot of guys use the "I can't cum from a blowjob" hook to try and con you into sex, though.

  • A lot of women ask about cock sucking on this site.


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