If a boy knows a girl is having a hard time, why is he kind?

It's none of his business realistically.


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  • He's probably crushing on her, or likes her in some way.

    • Really?

      I was so rude to him, wouldn't that make him hate me, (there's some history here where he's partially responsible for the mess I'm in).

      Don't know if it's guilt

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    • It's kind of like... he could easily have the attitude that although he was responsible I make my own decisions, know what I mean?

    • Yeah i get it. I suppose it is now a combination of guilt, and a possible romantic interest. But I could be wrong!

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  • Sounds like he just wants to help if he could in any possible way. He cares.


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  • It might just be human decency.

    You'd have to be quite a cold cunt to get offended that a man is being kind to you, as well as illogical for thinking that's a male-only trait.

  • He is probably just being a kind person. Not every gut has an agenda. He may be just trying to be a good friend

    • Why now? He had a chance to do that before and he didn't

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    • I think he knows.

      I just have a feeling he does.

      He looks uncomfortable around me, almost like he doesn't want to be rude and hurt my feelings, but isn't blushing/heart isn't racing either

    • Well maybe y'all should talk about it. He could have no Idea and is just trying to be a friend

  • Why would he not be? No need to add to her troubles.

    I for one want to be supportive.

    • He doesn't know me very well, plus it's not really his business either

    • Could be basic human compassion if nothing else.

  • That's just the way we are.


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