So I really like this guy. He was really into me at first. We spent a lot of time together. Then he backed off, how can I get him back?

I want him to realize he likes me over other girls. I'm just not sure how to win him over. He can be so shy sometimes. Guys help!!


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  • If guy is feeling shy means, all moves should be from you. He needs to feel comfortable with you. Chat with him. And slowly slowly make date with him. Slow and steady. Sometimes his expression may show he dont have interest on you. But once he committed he won't change.

    • Well we haven't talked for days now. I'm not sure how but I wanna win his attention back

    • No you can. Shy guys expect girls attention. Always they depend. Just give a call. And arrange a date. If he get a place which you and your boy only. He ll express his feelings definitely. If he is not giving any response, you can conclude he dont have any interest.

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