I know you probably have seen these questions before a lot but... how do you know if he is interested?

We don't talk at all but we made Eye contact for quite some time for long period of time. We passed each other in the hallway and, whenever we do, he would look so nervous and touch his hair and look away then look back at me, then when we passed each other, he would look at me again. So this kept happening and he randomly started showing up. in places where i hang out. How. can I hint at him that i'm interested and stop with this eye contact. There are other stuff that happened but it's too long. A few days ago, i saw him first but i pretended not to see him and he loomed at me and walked towards me and walked the other direction. That day i saw him like 10000times and i was walking to one of my classes and I wasn't paying attention and when I looked up, i was so close to bumping into him. I was on my phone and the hallway was pretty empty and he was looking straight ahead so wouldn't he know he was going to bump into me so he could have walked alongside me. When i looked up at him, he had a straight face then walked away. I admit, he looks at me more and i try to avoid eye contact becuse i freak out. Sooo,,, help?
I know i should quit giving him mixed signals by avoiding eye contact but I dont feel good enough. He's known and really good looking ://
Okay i know he is at least attracted to me if he is always doing that but how can i get him to talk to me. Im reallllyy shy and he doesn't look like the type but around me he is


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  • Good way: While making eye contact, pass him a smile (not laugh, smile).
    Better way: Go and say hi! to him.

    • Thank you soo much for the advice. I actually would freak out if I have to be the one to talk. I laughed once when i was with a friend and that's exactly when we made eye contact. I could smile more for sure

    • Yes, become more approachable. Give him good signs. Show him that the word 'yes' is on your tongue.
      If you are completely sure and he's a persistent shy guy, don't hesitate in approaching him.
      Good luck :)

    • Thankkkkk you soooo much. If i see him tomorrow i will. :) thanks again

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  • You ask him. That's the only way to truly know.

    • How can i randomly go up to him and ask if he likes me or is attracted to me. Im afraid he'll think im freaking creepy then it would be awkward for sure

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    • You're so right. Can i do little things like smile at him when we make eye contact right now to hint at him

    • Yeah, if you want it to take 100 years before something happens. Seriously, just go talk to him.

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  • He's a popular guy?

    You can try testing him? Like smile at him and see how he reacts. If he smiles back then that'll be a good sign. If he doesn't then he could be shy. You can try other things like walking by him and slightly touching his arm also and see how he reacts.


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