Why did he drop off the face of the Earth?

So I was talking to this guy for about 6 weeks. We initially met online. We live a few hours apart and were open to a long distance relationship. We started talking on the phone about three weeks into it. We occasionally texted but we had really good conversations every other night. We learned a lot about one another. He asked me tons of questions, recited poetry that he wrote, and overall seemed very interested.

Two weeks ago, he invited me to come see his comedy performance last weekend. I ended up going and making a weekend out of it with my girl friend. On the first night, we went to his performance and met up with him after. He was a little flirty with me. The three of us went to lunch the next day (day 2) and it went okay. We all hung out later that night and he finally kissed me. He told me all sorts of sweet things and we stayed up late talking and cuddling. Just he and I hung out the next night (day 3) and we had more conversation and cuddle time. He gave me a hug and a kiss and said he'd visit me soon. I left on day 4. I knew he had a big project to finish that day so I decided I would wait until the next day (Monday) to contact him. I sent him a sweet little text saying I hoped everything went smoothly with his project and asked if we could chat later that night. Today is Wednesday and I still have heard nothing.

For closure reasons, I sent him a text today saying that "it would have been nice to receive a text saying thanks for coming to see him but that it wasn't going to work out." Seriously, that's all I wanted. Some sort of acknowledgment and tiny explanation for what had happened.

I am writing this so maybe someone here can shed some light on this. I can't help but feel sad so please be kind.

What happened?


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  • You shouldn't assume so much so quickly, maybe he got buzzy. call him up at the usual time and just see. if he still delays or shows signs of disinterest then fine. forget him.

    • Nah. No one is ever too busy to send a text.

    • hmm well then we both know it is what it is. But thats no way for him to behave.
      give him a peace of ur mind nd b done with it

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