What does in mean when you sleep with a guy the first night and this happens?

What does in mean when you sleep with a guy on the first night and he seems really determined or excited and he keeps asking you if it feels right then he cums in like two seconds and jumps out the bed and runs out the room and comes back like nothing happened and goes to sleep but he knows you know something but he isn't sure so he doesn't say anything and you give him your number he never calls you try and contact him on face book he reads your message but no response like you did something wrong what does this mean? Help please cause im thinking about this to much beating my self up over this...
Do you think he felt embarresed my cumming so fast?


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  • He is either really embarrassed by his 2 second effort.
    But most likely, what the girls say is spot on, he is a knob and you dodged a bullet


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  • Umm.. well he got what he wanted from you and also he sucks in bed if he only lasts for like 2 seconds. Just forget him. You can find a better guy than him.


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  • Think less about fucking guys on the first date. Think more about punctuation.

  • Congratulations, you've been played!


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