Was he interested in me?

I am a freshman in college. I went to go get dinner with one of my friends and we went back to my dorm to play pool. While we were playing, this comes in and starts watching us play. He legit stood there for 30 minutes until I finally asked him if he wanted to play. He said yes and got a pool stick. He then said, "I didn't catch your name." and we introduced ourselves and whatever. We played and it was bad how my friend and i were losing to him and he would come over to me and touch my shoulders/pat me on the back and tell me that i wasn't that bad (he did it like 3 times). He also laughed at all my jokes and after our 2 matches, he gave me a hug (he didn't touch my friend at all) and told me i did a good job. He said, "It's okay, I was horrible once too." And i was like what? Am i really that bad and he was like nono, i didn't mean for it seem that way and i know he was just kidding but you know and that's when he came over and hugged me. He then said he wanted to play with pool with me again and he gave me a knuckle touch. There was these awkward 10 seconds of just looking at each other (i was waiting for him to ask for my number) and he didn't... he left. Was he interested? Why didn't he ask for my number?


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  • damn girl! Sounds like this dude wants to fist you! Maybe you should let him.

  • He's your long lost dad! He found you again!


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