Getting a hug rejection form your brother like bestfriend ! What is the reason behind? Anyone out there?

Hi so im an only and very lonely child who cries quite often and have narrow minded and overprotective parents who don't understand me ! I've been very lonely most of life until i found my bestfriend who is more like a big brother and he calls me his sister too as doesn't have one. I love him very much but as a great friend and we're quite close too ! He's 1 1/2 year older than me and his girlfriend is my 7 years old best friend ! So when i get very sad he is always there but its me who takes the first step to talk and when i ask for hug he playfully rejects and says "we're in school" and sometimes he doesn't live upto my expectations which are hugs and meaningful words when i am sad ! I want to the reason behind it? Please help?
Can anyone help?


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  • He may think his g f will feel for that if he hug you means. Nothing else. Still he loves you. Dont worry.

    • Maybe this is true because i hugged him twice when he stop by my house and he didn't say a thing then

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    • No i could never think of him that way , it's just that he is very close to me and i love hugs so when he says something very nice i feel like hugging him but he doesn't let me and its my habbit to say love you at then end of every call but he nevers says love you too ! My other friends do so?

    • No. You are telling lie. Ask with your heart. Do you ever got jealous about him? Have you ever missed him? Have you ever called him if you get bore? Have you ever dream about him? You are in anonymous. Please say the truth.

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  • Feels like a manga ^_^ lol um maybe he feels awkward


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  • he just doesn't want people to get the wrong idea about the hug if people see it


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