What if a guy looks at you in the gym while you're working out? Why does he passee by somtimes?

What does he think?
Why would he pass me by?
Is he only looking at my body?


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  • if he didn't look at you, then he wouldn't be interested ;-)

    • When I noticed someone looked at me. I caught him looking away quickly. Then he passes me by while carrying something while most people let stuff where it belong. (Sorry for my English )

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  • Who cares? You're at the gym to workout and be healthy not worry about whether a guy is into you or not.

    • I have family friends who've been married for about 40 years because they were both into lifting and she asked him to spot one day...
      The best way to find someone is to find them while doing something you love

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    • I workout there because I pay for it. So talking is not an option. Because I really want to goget in shape for myself. But i just noticed how he behaved around me. And I'm not good at figuring out what he tries to do.

    • A lot of times I'll notice girls I think are attractive because as a guy it's hard not to. Though I never do anything cause I'm there to exercise not socialize.

  • Obvious much, if he didn't look at you, then he;s not interested, and if he looks at you, then he's interested. :/

    Seriously why do people have to ask such simple questions? Do they not have the capability to think at such situation?

    • The thing is I know when the crush from my friends are interested in them, but when it comes to me. I always get it wrong so I dont make a move

    • Hm, alright, I guess that could explain it...

      Well if you really want to know, the best solution is either these three:
      Stalk Him.
      Skip for a day, and ask the manager if the guy asked where you are.
      Do both.

      Or you could just ask him. :/

    • I'm gonna skip for a day then. Thanks

  • Probably wants you to notice him


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