Guy what's up with that?

When would you consider calling or texting a girl?

A guy at college asked for my number. I thought it meant he was making a move (for a shy-ish guy) but he has not called yet or even casually texted.

plus he did not gave me his number so I obviously can't text 1st. Is it a tell as he just doesn't want me to have his number?
It´s been 2 weeks. The thing is we see each other everyday at college. We take the same classes. I guess I wonder if he likes me or if it was just a friendly move.


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  • when did he ask for your number? give him a little time. next time you see him be flirtatious and say ' i'm still waiting for that phone call"


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  • I know its very confusing but wait patiently but you can ask if you have to and you can also take his number and call him ! Drop hints and try to be with him most of the time ! Your absence will make him miss you and then maybe he calls you


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