How can a guy make a girl love him?

I am not talking about normal guys, i am talking about powerful charismatic ones, and what are the mind games and tricks the charismatic powerful guys play so they would make any girl fall head over heels for them? how can i spot the difference between him trying to be nice or just simply manipulating?
don't answer me 'by charming her' only. i know he does that. but how?


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  • You can't force someone to love you. It just happens.

    As for telling the difference on whether his feelings are genuine or playing mind games... the simplest answer is if he has sex with you and you never hear from him again... then he's playing you.
    I guess if he actually likes you he would spend as much time with you as possible, buy you little gifts, send you sweet text messages that melt your heart. It's more in what he does than what he says.

    If he promises to show you the world but the only place he takes you is his bedroom, then he's playing you.

    • we are not together.
      we are not close or never been.
      can i tell you the full story?

    • i never had social experiments before, but i can recognize people. and i can hardly ever trust anybody and most of the time my senses were correct.

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  • Watch the film Misery. It has all the answers you seek! I promise.

    • i already read the book and it has nothing to do with my topic

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    • well, if you put it that way,... when i was the one who is nice to him or want him to talk to me or want him as a friend he was a jerk. then when i disliked him for trying to manipulate me, he would get into my business and always ask me for example where i was and why wasn't i there and why am i writing or what i am writing. i got annoyed and whenever he would ask me those (and it happened for three times more) i would snap at him or ignore him. never answer him. he stopped talking to me and left me in peace (or so i thought) until i once messed up in a test, he comforted me and it was rather annoying to be comforted by a person you dislike. so next day he talked to me normally and i sighed and i decided i can't be really rude to him after that. even though i talked normally and smiled to him i still didn't glance at him not even once during class and didn't talk to him not even once. he talked to me once and then left me alone. this is when he thought that he regained control over me

    • little did he know is that i figured out what he is trying to do. he is trying to make everybody interested in him. and when i was interested in being friends with him, he would ignore me or talk to me then leave me suddenly. i read about it, and these are ways to manipulate. he would be nice then a jerk, and i hated that.
      i mean EITHER try to be friends with me or DON'T.
      i will never be friends with him ever, and maybe if he thinks that he has me under control he would leave me alone.

  • Have sex with her, seen enough of this first-hand to know it works too...

  • you will know when it happens


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  • By charming her?


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