Does this guy's behavior mean anything?

I like this guy in one of my classes a lot. (I think it's a bit of an infatuatuion) I pay attention to every little detail, but I don't act like that when I'm with him. Anyways, um, I just want to know if this means anything. One time he told his friend he was going to ignore me, so the next day he showed up to class he didn't say anything to me. He didn't know his friend told me of his plan or whatever so I ignored him right back until he took something of mine. When I asked him to return it he acted like he couldn't hear me. He ended up keeping it and traded me that for something else, and when I wouldn't take it at first he got offended. Another time he started talking to me about the color of his eyes and he told me to look closely and I could see flecks of green and stuff so I did. Another time, he asked his friend if this cologne he had on smelled good and his friend told him to ask me so I smelled him (which smelled wonderful btw) and told him it didn't smell bad. But sometimes he is just plan rude. I ask a lot of questions and when I don't know something I ask other people and so he was like "Oh you're dumb." all the time. He raises his eyebrows at basically anything I say yet, he always tries to help me in class when I get confused about something (not that I'm stupid I just overthink things) I don't know. Sometimes he's rude, other times he is genuinely nice.


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  • Sounds pretty childish


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  • Are you sure you're 18-24? It sounds like very childish behavior.
    Nevertheless it can be interpreted as to having a thing for you. His way of showing is kinda disturbing though. On the other side it doesn't really seem like you're flirting with him, so yeah, I think he's testing the waters and you need to be a little more offensive if you want something to happen.

    • Meh I'm 17, but I made this acount 4 years ago...

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