How to talk to guys?

So I'm 20 and I've never had a boyfriend or had a guy ask me out. When I was in high school I'd try to talk to guys but it almost seemed like they thought they were too good for me and didn't like talking to me. Maybe it's because I'm shy and struggle to say anything interesting? I used to be overweight but I've since lost 20 pounds. My self confidence isn't that great so maybe that's impacting me? I'm too afraid to talk to guys because I feel like they're going to get offended that I'm trying to talk to them and call me ugly or something. I doubt most guys are that rude but I'm still afraid to talk any guys. Any advice on how to up my confidence and how to start a conversation with guys? Thanks!


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  • Just be comfortable with yourself and be outwardly positive. If you look happy you'll look more approachable to guys. Girls who have intense (couldn't think of a better look) looks on their face can intimidate guys. If you look happy and friendly they'll be more comfortable with trying to talk to you.

  • This is just one of those icebreaker questions that everyone has about approaching the opposite sex. Don't worry we all have this to start with it might not seem like it to you but it's true. It's just wether you overcome your anxiety enough to talk to them.
    It's actually quite common that girls struggle more. The usual thing is for guys to do the first move. Also though girls tend to be a little more mature so the conversation start sometimes seems a little immature. I think you will find now at your age this will start to get better. Just be as open and respective as possible. Good luck


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