He is frustrating and confusing the fuck out of me! Why tell someone you love them & then disappear?

Short version - I told him Im in love with him, we talk he disappears for 2weeks
He comes back around tells me he loves me while hugging me for a really long time but also tells me his relationships fail because he doesn't know how to be in love or love because its something he's never experienced but always wanted...
& then boom immediately after that conversation he left & haven't heard from him since... its been 4 days.. why does he do this? I mean why tell me you love me (he was literally crying when he told me) and then disappear... I'm trying not to be selfish but I feel like that's what he's being..


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  • Did he had any bad relationships before he got with you? He might be just scared , we act all though and all , but when it comes to love , when we fall , we fall hard and we usually suffer more if it doesn't work. So you know it might be that , but it was , for now , just 4 days. Maybe he doesn't have time , work related stuff?

    • Yeah he had some really bad ones.. maybe he's just trying to figure everything out but its frustrating because it makes me feel disposable like he doesn't really love me or need me.. but I guess those are my own issues.. as far as work I don't believe anyone's so busy they couldn't text or call & let someone know they're okay.. I work too

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    • No worries I know you didn't... and np , think about the advice and if things chance and you have more questions you can send me a message. just trying to make this place we live a bit better :)

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