How to make him jealous and talk to you again?

how can i make my ex bf jealous and make him talk to me?\
do you think if i showed up at the same place that he is at with a friend of mine (boy ) will he be jealous and come and talk to me?


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  • Thats immature and will only show him that he made the right choice!! We guys , we dont like games , work on yourself and next time you have a boyfriend be so awesome that he will never think about becoming your ex


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  • you will absolutely piss him off and the poor guy your with get to have his wrath!! shame on all of you COCK teasers out thier. WTF is the purpose in making someone crazy? How crule. If you want this guy back you need to get together with him (alone) talk it out and if it doesn't work then leave it alone UGH

  • Might work, but it's only because you hurt his ego, not that he still has strong feelings..
    Honest advice move on/improve yourself , let him think you do t care anymore and leave the games behind

    • Really want to make him jealous.. Live your life/improve yourself and show him he made the wrong decision

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