Are this signs he wants a relationship or wants to date me?

He contact me first on Facebook after i added him. I arranged us to grab a drink together and i was wearing a low cut top (i have big boobs) and he didn't look once whole talking to me, and he always hedl eyecontact. He kept telling my sister how fanatstic he thought i was, we have been talking alsmot everyday this week (he started the conversation 3 times, and he doesn't relly say anything relevant (will write to me to say hi), its just randome things + he ask about me, and we are meeting this weekend. He comeplemts me on my personality and not my looks (except he said i was cute when i smile
Sorry for bad grammar, just realised how bad it was lol


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  • "He kept telling my sister how fanatstic he thought i was" <---- wrong move in my opinion... that way he'll make your sister jealous ;-)

    • she was jealous actually

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  • He wants a relationship , the whole packet. If he goes in he goes for long term.

    • thats actually very nice to hear.. but honestly i have no idea how long im going to stay in this town.. my plan was to be here six months and then move...

    • well , you never know... I never thought I would work on cruise ship , but hey I did... and never thought I would be moving for a job to Germany... but hell , 6 more months and Germany is going to be my new home... so you never know , but do be honest with him... and be careful for your own sake.

    • yeah you're right.. but he knows my plan for now is to stay until the summer..

  • I stopped reading at the big boobs bit

    • nice...

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    • great you just melted me in my seat. I hope you have a good attitude or else nothing else counts

    • depends on what you mean by a good attitude...

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  • Seems like it (:


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