If dude wants to eat your ass, does that mean he likes you?

I had a friend with benefits. I still don't know if he really liked me or not. The 3rd time we hooked up, he asked me if if I wanted him to eat my ass. I know every guy is different, but what's the general consensus? Do you just eat any girls ass just because she's attractive, has a nice ass, and is clean or do you have to like her a bit to do that?
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  • If she is clean, hot and I have an amazing chemical connection to her I will.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Rimming = true love <3

    No, it means you have a nice ass and you're clean.

    • That's what I believe. My friend said he that maybe it meant he liked me. I was like no dude, he's rimming mad bitches and its horrifying.

  • obviously i have to be attracted to her she has to have a decent ass yes. and clean. but i like to please and i like this particular activity. i think its sexy and hot and a great way to show a woman you like her. like when u suck her toes

  • It doesn't have to mean he likes you, he could be doing for his own pleasure


What Girls Said 4

  • Lmfao! I'm so sorry, this question just was too fucking funny.

    "Mommy, how did you know you and daddy were in love?"
    "When he told me he wanted to eat my ass. I knew we were meant to be".

    Haha, I'm sorry.

    • I know, this whole situation is funny. I was just asking because my friend said it might mean he liked me, and i was like... i don't think so.

  • I think he likes your ass but...

    If you feel like one of you has the feels and the other doesn't it better to end it sooner rather than later.

    • Well, its already ended. My friend suggested that maybe that was a sign he liked me. I was asking from that angle, i don't really care either way, thank you though

  • rule of thumb - don't use sexual things to determine if a guy has feelings for you

  • I had this same question when the guy I was hooking up with for over a year did it to me. Every guy is different. In my situation he told me he did like me and that he only did it because he likes me!


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