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We hated each other in the beginning of 9th grade. By the end of 9th grade we were inseperable. He used to do things that made me wonder, but I was never sure and I was so wrapped up in my studies I never wanted to wonder. Now I'll be off to college and he'll be off to the marines and even though I'm fighting to remain in his life, it seems easier to forget. But I can't forget. Because I like him so much. (I'm afraid to say I love him, because I don't want to ruin the rest of my life.)

He's, well he's him. He's annoying sometimes and a little cocky. I can pity myself around him ever, because he forces me to be stronger. He used to kiss my hand sometimes before we hugged. (the day afer he did it the first time he said he was messing with me.) He used to do weird things too. (Which I will not state via the world wide web.) He taught me how to be and do so much. But I finally might see him again in three years and I'm afraid that I've chnaged so much, he won't like me (even as a friend) anymore. What should I do? He knows how I feel about him. He knows that I care? But in order to really get his attention I feel like I have to pick a fight with him, and I don't even want too! Should I just sit on the side wall of rejection and just look from afar?

How do I even move on from that? (Please keep in mind tha the only reason I am not officially diagonsed with aspberges might just be because of him.)


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  • Sweetheart you are sooo young. And there will be soo many new guys coming in and out of your life in the next few years, there's no use stressing about just one of them. <3

    • if you think he's just the first, you should go ask my sister. she knows about guys that like me before i ever do. and I like him because eh's the first guy that I've been able to realize my feelings for and it wasn't too late. (for example i grew up with this boy for eight years and never realised he liked me before, until he hit puberty and started talking to me an awful lot. then three months after he moved away.)

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