Has a Serious GF, but contacts me everyday?

When I met him he had a live in GF, they broke up, then he started with the all day every day calls and Skype messages. He would say you bring me happiness and joy to my days. This happened for months! We live far apart, met online through work. Then out of the blue says I met someone and super serious with her. He flies to see her because she lives away from him too. He still calls and messages me to just chat. When he's at his GF house, I don't hear from him much, yet he still contacts me daily but it's not the same guy that I hear from when he's at his house alone. When he's not with her, he sings to me, jokes, we talk for hours on the phone. At her place, I get a couple 10 minute calls a day and random IMs. Why does he do this?


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  • To keep his options open?


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