Who is really at fault here?

So I may have (somewhat) bullied a guy, (not so much bullied as in just try to put him down).

Laughing at his clothes, and then angrily swinging open the door to intimidate him.

The whole thing died down, and later on I saw some of his absolutely idiotic buddies, (buddy rather), who was purposely trying to intimidate me when I was walking alone, yelling after me, enjoying how annoyed I looked.

I think he took it to an even worse level than I initially had, moreover what was between me and the other guy had nothing to do with him

And the only reason I bullied the other guy, is because I wanted to see if he was really sorry for making me feel bad not too long ago. I softened when I saw how much he was letting me get away with it, but if all he did was go tell his friend to get revenge, that's bullshit
Why wasn't the bullied guy more mad/annoyed that I was doing that? He looked hurt
Would I be viewed upon as a petty person for doing this? :(


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  • I think the guy that you bullied got what was coming to him and its good that he seemed sorry for it. I doubt that he told his friend to continue it, his friend probably just saw it happen and stood up for him. But i think it was none of the guys friends business and he shouldn't have gotten involved, because after you bullied the guy, you and him were "even"- per say.

    • His friend wasn't in the picture when it happened, it was just him, an elderly male relative, (lol that was the funny part I knew I could get away with it because he wouldn't do anything with one of them standing right there).

      Yes, that's exactly the way I saw it, even stevens! His friend just I don't know felt left out that I wasn't giving him any importance/attention

    • Well maybe he just told his friend about it, and he decide to go do something to get back at you for his friend. Or if you think its cuz he wanted attention from you, that could be the case too.

    • See his friend really got lucky. He hadn't seen me for a while, in fact when he saw me, he stared at me for a full minute in shock, then as though something clicked in his head he did what he did.

      So even if it was planned, how on earth would he have known he'd just happen to run into me

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  • It was deinitely your fault, why even think of doing that? bullying someone is never nice to do under any circumstances, i mean us girls hate it when even other girls put us down... so why do something to someone else when you clearly hate it when someone does the same thing to you? it was definitely very petty, it's just rather hypcritical, so don't do it again, you only cause drama for yourself by creating it for others.

    I get bullied by mostly other girls all the time and i've tried to tell them in the past that how i act isn't my fault it's on them... they wanted to get me mad by poking and prodding at me until i finally crack, so they are going to get me mad no doubt eventually, i'm not responsible for that and i certainly don't deserve it... nether does anyone else. 99% of the time they can't take it when you do the same back ether and because you got annoyed you can't take it back ether and that's why his friend is doing the same back because they know your just trying to act all petty and hard to try and make some silly point... lol. Don't do things to people when you know you can't handle it being done to you.

    • Uh... I wonder if I've interpreted this all wrong.

      I'm a 5 foot five girl, both guys are taller than me, and I look significantly younger than I actually am. Moreover I have a bit of a 'cutesy' girl voice.

      I wonder if they even thought of it as bullying so much as teasing/flirting come to think of it.

      His friend is kind of crazy, (seriously), so he may have tried to put in his head that I was just flirting with him and nothing else, (the guy I bullied seems to be young, from what I've noticed, so I think he always goes to his friend for advice, especially related to girls).

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    • baby face and babyish voice*

    • I realize the guy you went out with may of acted like an idiot but to then bully him like that isn't too nice... don't become the bully just walk away if people bully you or if guys try to push you down to get what they want, it's not worth it, it's not funny to make other people hurt as some revenge plot ether.

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  • You got what you had coming. You were being immature, so now he's doing the same thing.

    • That's what was reeling through my head when he was doing that, if you're going to do stupid things expect stupid things back.

      You know the funny thing was when I saw his friend I was about to say hello like a normal human being, and even thought he'd say hey you know my friend?

      And then when he did that I was like we're seriously back to this? His friend would always have trouble talking to me, because I'd walk away from him, (his attempts at flirting woul dmake me really uncomfortable).

      When he saw me alone, he got red and shyly looked away, then started acting out. Sometimes I wonder if he just thought I was flirting with the other guy, not bullying him, so he was flirting with me too.

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    • ok... i'm just stating my view, but then meh... not my issue.

    • lol do you mean I was dopey or the guy? :P Now I'm wondering.

      No harm meant to you I know you're jsut stating your opinion

  • I think everyone has a share of fault in this situation.

    • Even the guy who got bullied?

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    • Part of my respect for him has already dropped, why is he entertaining this whole thing? Either man up and say you're sorry, or just forget about the whole thing, why take a girl's put downs and then complain to your buddies.

      I can't help but judge him for playing along with it too instead of just frowning and sending out a message that we can't behve like this as adults.

      He's practically letting me get my way, knowing full well that part of the reason I'm like this is because I almost always get my way

    • So I think that the best thing to do is trying to move on from this and avoid future trouble.

  • well if im shy and my friend told me that, id go help def.

    • Would your friend be involved in the plotting? Did I really even hurt his feelings or is this about revenge, I can't imagine him crying into his pillow just because I did that, come on, I was just having some fun nothing too mean

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    • just apologize and let it go

    • I may have retaliated by deleting him off of all social media

  • so then petty revenge... ok...

    • I'm only human!

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    • OK a I'm not allowed to have an opinion got it.

    • No lol I meant that I was already feeling jealous so it made me feel even more revengey

  • Revenge is never the answer

    • It felt really good though.

      Do you think he realized it was revenge? Or told anyone besides his friend

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    • That would have been the right thing to do, forgive him. Not get revenge

    • Why? He doesn't deserve it.

      And even if I did forgive him, what guarantee do I have that he won't be back to his old tricks soon enough?

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  • All three of you are at fault for being fuckin' stupid.

    • Ay.

      At least we got it out of our system, but yes it does look as though we're behaving like children

  • Can anybody make any sense of this?

    • He lowered my self-esteem so I got back at him, and then his friend got back at me.

      Of course it's immature, but that's what happens when you hurt someone's feelings

  • People like you really piss me off! Why are you so mean to that guy? What did he do to you? But then again none of that even matters. I don't care about what he's done to you and I don't wanna hear anymore of your bull shit. You need to get your shit together and grow the fuck up! Obviously the guy you were being an ass hole to was trying to be the bigger person and didn't let your dumb insults get to him. And what did you expect? Of coarse he was going to tell his closest friend as would you if the tables were turned. His friend clearly cares about him for standing up to you and calling you out on your bull shit. I hate how you're trying to make yourself the victim in this when you are clearly the villain.

    • I am the victim here, the reason I'm so mean to that guy, is because NOTHING that he ever does, or will do, will change what he did in the past. Granted, it may not have been intentional, but what's done is done. I'd rather not get into it, but I lost out on something huge; not blaming him, but his actions most certainly played a part because they weren't helping.

      I didn't think he'd tell his closest friend, because when he did all that crap, I didn't have anyone to tell. Moreover, why am I still relevant to him? He's relevant to me because of what he did, but I didn't do shit to him until this point, so he could've just shrugged it off and moved on.

      Plus, he's a full grown adult, me doing that won't cause him to cry into his pillow. He may have felt bad for a day then gotten over it

  • so your mad because someone else other than the person your bullying gave you a taste of your own medicine! ? doesn't karma suck! ?

    • -_- it does suck

      It's not fun when someone does it to you

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    • Good advice right there

    • thanks girl😊😊

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